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Imagine you have a problem, you want to discuss with your boss, manager, or team leader. The door of his office is open, you knock before you enter, he says come in, as he continues to look at his laptop. You know he is always very busy and has many deadlines. Then he says, “was there an issue that you needed me?” In the meantime, he continues reading behind his laptop. What will be your reaction? How will you feel? Will you explain your issue? Or will you leave or do something else.


Imagine another situation, you are working on a wonderful new task. You feel challenged, but you are in a flow, you are enthusiastic,  as you go you are finding solutions and you are sure it is going to be a good job done. Then your manager comes in, and tells you, to make changes, do something else, without asking your ideas or solutions. She wants to be sure, that things go right as it will cost money if it will be a mess.  So, she tells you exactly what to do and what to change. Daily she comes to check on you, to see if you are doing the work according to what she told you. How will you feel? What will happen with your motivation?


You may have many more examples where you were happy or not happy with your manager. But now you are the leader and the manager, how do you lead your team?

Your behaviour as a leader or manager has effect on your team and its individual members whether it is positive or negative. As a leader, of course you want to affect people in positive way, therefore it is important to understand how your behaviour can affect others, and what you need to do to influence your team in a positive way.


Being a manager, leader, Head of Mission, Country director, Head of department, is not easy, and as a manager yourself you might face many challenges. Challenges faced by many leaders or managers include:

  • How do I ensure good results, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and my team?
  • How do I ensure a balance between supporting my team and giving directions?
  • How can I help team members to learn, grow and develop?
  • How to motivate my team?
  • How to manage resistance when a change of direction is needed?
  • How do I deal with demanding authorities, partners, and bureaucracy?
  • How to make decisions and what decisions to make, or how can I communicate tough decisions made, to the team?
  • How do I balance between delegation and own responsibility?
  • How do I take care of myself, manage stress, and prevent burnout?


As a leader you are responsible for the well-functioning of the department, or the mission or the organisation. You are the one, people look at when there are big issues, or when decisions need to be made. Leading a team and leading an organisation, which performs well, and comes with good results is all about having a vision, strategy, and  very important, leading and managing people, as people do the work.  If your team members are  happy, empowered and motivated your team will perform better.


Leadership coaching will help you to self-discover and become the leader you want to be. Leadership coaching  is about getting the best out of you, to learn, grow and develop as a leader. When you make changes as a leader, the impact will spread throughout the team and your organisation, as well as the stakeholders you are dealing with. 

During leadership coaching a coach will support you by listening, without judgement, asking you powerful questions, help you to self-reflect, to gain self-awareness, find the resources within yourself and  understand your own competencies, help to understand how you are perceived by others, explore different perspectives, find answers to your questions, inspire and energize, identify and clarify your goals, and identify appropriate action steps to reach those goals. You will increase self-confidence and enjoy the role of being an effective leader.

Leadership coaching is an investment in yourself as a leader, your team, and your organisation. It is the opportunity for you to grow and develop as a leader.


As professional certified coach, I am here to support  you,

to unlock your full potential, create a sustainable transformation

and become the leader you want to be.


Imarah Consultancy offers leadership coaching for country directors, head of mission, and senior leaders in NGOs, humanitarian organisation, and non-profit organisations.

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