This year made me depressed.

With pain in my heart, I followed the news,

to see all the man-made suffering.

In a world where leaders make choices, which I cannot understand,

resulting in deaths, displacement, and lifelong trauma.

We only see some selected news,

but around the globe there is so much man-made suffering 

we are not even aware about.  


I am thinking of the innocent children, who have seen their parents die,

who have seen their houses destroyed,

who have been trying to shelter for the guns and bombs,

in places where there is no safe place to hide. 

What will happen to these children?

What will they be doing in future?


Every single person has a responsibility

for his children, his family, his community, his country, the world.

The higher the position, the bigger the responsibility.


Therefore, today, on Christmas day 2023,   

I want to specifically ask our world leaders.

Imagine you stand in front of your God, 

Or, if you do not believe in the excistence of God, 

think of your ethical responsibility as a human being

and you will be asked: 

What have you done with your life so far?

What have you done with the big responsibility you had?

How did you serve your people and the world?

How did you make use of your power?


What do you want to answer?


I killed a person, or maybe 100 people,


I killed 20,000 innocent people.


I supported the killing of 20,000 people.


It was not me, who killed 20,000 innocent people, I did nothing and kept quiet.


I know 20,000 people are killed, but it is not my business. 


I destroyed the homes of a whole nation.


It was not me who started, it was the other party’s fault, it is his fault not mine.


I throwed bombs on hospitals.


I was not the one throwing the bombs, but I only produced and sold weapons.


Will you be proud when you have to answer?

I want to ask our world leaders,

Please think, what is the effect of your choices?

What is responsible decision making?

You have a responsibility for peace in the world.

We all have our responsibility of course, every single person.

But the higher your position, the more power you have,

the bigger your responsibility.

Think about how you can serve your people, as a leader.

Think about how you can serve the world, as a leader.

Think about how you can use your power for peace in the world.

It is never too late to change.

Every single person has the right to live in peace and enjoy freedom,

in every part of the world.

Every child has the right to live and grow in a safe environment,

go to school and play with his or her friends.


I beg you, world leaders, please take your responsibility.

We want to live in peace.


I want to thank those leaders, 

Who use their position and influence,

to serve our world and its people,

to ensure human rights are met and man-made suffering avoided. 


I want to thank every single person and all organisations,

who stand up for human rights,

who help save lives, 

who try their best to reduce suffering. 


For every leader on earth, I wish them wisdom, 

to be able to make ethical, responsible decisions,

with the aim for peace in the world.  


For 2024, I wish every single person on earth love, peace, and freedom.

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