In today's dynamic world, more people talk about and encourage women in leadership roles. While we witness a growing number of women taking on influential positions, there still continues to be a gender disparity in leadership across various sectors. I have been a leader in different places, managing teams both in my home country and in humanitarian settings. Especially,  in the humanitarian environments, I often found myself in predominantly male-dominated spaces.


Despite our progress towards gender equality, the reality is that women often have to fight harder to attain the same level of appreciation and acknowledgment as their male counterparts. Personally, I do not strictly follow a feminist ideology. I believe in fairness and equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender. My focus is on inclusivity, where everyone has the chance to learn, develop, grow, and make their own choices. Therefore, the focus should not be on whether a leader is male or female, but rather on ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to pursue their aspirations and contribute their unique talents to leadership roles.


Balanced teams are crucial in fostering innovation and driving success. Just as I would advocate for a blend of youthful staff and seasoned experienced people within teams, we must also strive for a balance between female and male leadership. Gender equality is not just about calling for women leaders; it is about creating an inclusive environment where every individual, irrespective of their background, identity, or characteristics, has equitable access to leadership opportunities and use their unique capacities to help a team succeed.


As a woman leader, I refuse to let gender define my capabilities, or hinder my progress. Instead, I focus on fulfilling my leadership responsibilities with determination and confidence. However, not all women have had the same chances and encouragement that I have been fortunate to receive. That is why I am committed  to supporting and empowering other women leaders, and future women leaders to unlock their full potential. Through coaching and leadership development programs, I assist women  to discover their strengths, build confidence, and overcome barriers to leadership success. I also encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to believe in themselves, their skills, and their potential to become the leaders they aspire to be.


In my coaching sessions and leadership trainings, we do not focus specifically on gender. Instead, I help you to explore, self-discover, build skills, and develop leadership strategies. During the trainings and coaching sessions, it is inspiring to see both men and women discover their leadership abilities and potential, often surpassing their own expectations.


My vision is a world where discussions about equality becomes unnecessary because fairness and inclusion are the norm. Until then, I am committed to supporting women leaders, as well as anyone else facing limited opportunities, and striving towards a future where everyone can thrive and have the opportunity to lead without limitations.


Let us work together to break barriers, challenge norms, and create a future where all leaders, no matter their gender or other characteristics,  can flourish and succeed, while striving for the best for their people and teams. 


As professional certified coach, I am here to support  you,

to unlock your full potential, create a sustainable transformation

and become the leader you want to be. 


Imarah Consultancy offers leadership coaching for country directors, head of mission, and senior leaders in NGOs, humanitarian organisation, and non-profit organisations.

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